Monday 21 November 2022

#LoveIsBlind Stars,Raven And SK Call It Quits!

 SK and Raven Love is Blind season 3

When the 3rd season of the love show aired,SK and Raven's relationship was criticised at first for it's lack of physical chemistry and connection.

Time went on and fans began to give them a chance and fell in love with their approach on being slow,steady and intentional with each other.

Raven Michelle Love is Blind season 3

Shortly after the reunion aired,SK and Raven went to town showing off their relationship,sharing images from trips together and lots more..

Then the allegations began to fly! lady 1,lady 2,lady 3 on and on and on..till one came up with receipts that could not be ignored!

Details below..



Shortly after,fans began to piece several theories together,Raven and SK however went mute on the allegations until now..

Raven simply deleted SK's images,they both then proceeded to post this same statement on their pages..

SK #LoveIsBlind cheating scandal details

Announcing that they are going separate ways..

Fans however think these two were never together and only stayed together for purposes of profiting off of their relationship for deals,optics and to further their careers.

SK and Raven #LoveIsBlind3

The #LoveIsBlind franchise may very well have a big scandal on their hands!


Shortly after, these two were photographed by fans shopping together..👀👀

SK then had an update for the the LoveIsBlind Fam..

I would this point....

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