Thursday 4 August 2022

Fashion,Style And The Business Of It!

We often hear that style is eternal and fashion will pass,we can only simply say that both go and merge along..just like bread&butter,fire&wind,..Fashion&style

The fashion/style/beauty industry is a multifaceted,multi billion industry worldwide! From runways,to movie sets,to the high streets,fashion and style continue to evolve.

From the beginning of time,we've have indeed seen the evolution of fashion.By our traditions,customs,environment,weather,cost,style,preferences and style often influence our fashion choices.

Sometimes,it's trends and fads that often dictate what we wear..

For example bandage and bodycon dressess at the time were the go to..because so many celebrities made it a thing and the trend indeed caught on..

As with many other trends and fads like that, denim,faux leather and many more,fashion continues to go around in a symbiotic cycle,with trends that enjoyed waves 20 years ago,magically finding its way back to the top of trending fashion in modern day.

Denim is an almost forever trend,just because of its versatility to fit any and everything.

Despite denim being looked as as only casual wear,it's been surely purposed to "updress" it with a simple touch of accessories like heels and a simple blazer.

Designers showcase different new trends on different runways and these trends cut across continental lines and waters to indeed go induce a fashion trend that dint even start in one continent.

What about high Street stores? Sometimes it's what they are selling that hits! Simply because they stock them..

You buy what you see in the stores because they often have a way to feed it to customers by appealing to our senses through colourful messaging,discounts,deals and lots more..

Boutique wholesale clothing may also be a factor as buying a particular top,dress,colour or design in large quantities mean these outfits go round many customers who purchase as well as the influencing culture of social media users or followers who want to rock what their revered influencers and celebs are rocking.

Catwalkwholesale fashion

High Street stores often feed off of what it also perceives is the go to moving merchandise or sometimes what they receive from their merchandisers.

Market trends,the economy,labour and material costs often influence what suppliers supply high street stores which in turn determine what styles,cost and sometimes even colour trends that hit the fashion scene.

For merchandisers like catwalk fashion,supplying high street stores and other retailers is their way of cutting off the stress of say fabric sourcing,cuts,tailoring and production stress off the retailers.

Supplying wholesale clothing for both offline and online boutiques who want to do fashion wholesale ,is a way to save clothing and apparel stores those long trips to Asia to stock up their stores..

Catwalk wholesale's fashion forward ideas even give room for creating your own style,inculcating say a certain colour in a fabric of your choice,all can be done as they  focus on providing the best women's wholesale clothing available in the market.

There is no need to worry about dodgy sweat shops,labour issues and of course the ethical implications of looking for the cheapest labour to cushion productions cost.

Fashion is complex,exhilirating,soulplifting,confidence boosting and lots more words we could use to butter it up.

Fashion is indeed Big business,And as food and shelter is to man,clothing,fashion and style would surely always remain so as well the business of it!

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