Monday 31 January 2022

Add Some Greenry To Your Decor With Botanical Wallpapers.

Interior decor and furnishing are an important aspect of incorporating who you are to your place of residence and abode.

Paint or wall papers,whatever you choose will indeed set the tone of the complete room.

Wall papers are so versatile and can almost fit into any interior decorators ideas with many creative possibilities on offer.

So say you are going for a going green theme,you already have all green furniture and don't want to paint the walls green too,wallpapers like botanical wall papers can help complete the greenry effect without overpowering the whole room.

Wall papers

Floral wall papers could give a flowery look if you are into your flowers.

An earthy theme could also benefit from botanical wallpapers

Astek Home have a cross section of wallpapers and home accessories to choose from.

No matter your theme or colour scheme,there are loads of wall papers to aid your designs or even totally change your mind into some more jazz ideas.

Botanical wallpapers are not everyone's cup of tea,but they are beautiful as well  colourful.

Weed Wallpapers from Astek Home

 This illustrative floral demands a second look of admiration for its subtle delicate flowers,giving it an unasumming botanical contemporary twist that not many people will imagine what leaves they are!

It's subtle striking pattern will be the first thing to endear design aficionados and enthusiasts before they even bother about what the leaves are or what they represent.

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