Thursday 23 April 2020

#Strollers from KidslandUSA!

Covid-19 Is battering the world right now,and everything is basically on pause..but guess what cannot be paused? Babies!

They come into the world when they are ready..They can't be held back when they are due like..yo! Hol up hol up! We in the middle of a pandemic,stay right back!

And as they indeed make their entarace into the world you need to prepare to receive them with their own very first mode of transport,car seats!

And then shortly after you would have your mini me riding in their own baby stroller..

KidslandUSA is offering an absolute delight in variety of strollers ,with awesome designs and features..

 Lightweight strollers, travel systems, full-size strollers, double strollers, standard strollers, jogging strollers and more!

Most of the strollers come with compatible car seats that are super light for easy lifting,
 created with high-grade aerospace aluminum, thats incredibly durable without the weight so you can effortlessly lift in and out of the car or up and down the stairs.

KidslandUSA Strollers were created with comfort in mind whenever on the go.

When it’s snack time,you can keep seats upright for feeding on-the-go or lay the seat flat for a quick snooze. 

The 3-position a feature of our strollers,works both facing the parent or facing the world with the reversible seat. 

The large sun canopy can be extended to protect your little one. At the same time the peek-a-boo window allows you to keep a watchful eye.

As your child grows, they become more active and eager to explore. With the adjustable 5-point harness that never requires rethreading, you can ensure your child will be safe and comfortable, at any age.

Exceptional maneuverability is also an added feature of our strollers.

For example,the Bugaboo Lynx pictured above has a compact, streamlined design as well as a responsive, one-handed push so you easily maneuver tight spaces even when you have your hands full. 

Not to mention, the puncture proof wheels and suspension gives your child a smoother ridewhatever the terrain!

It pairs perfectly with the Bugaboo Turtle
Integrated adapters on the Bugaboo Turtle car seat

The design of the Bugaboo Turtle car seat will also match your stroller's look. Meanwhile the heavy-duty outer shell is super resilient yet lightweight, with an ergonomic carry handle to make transportation even easier. 

The Bugaboo Lynx can also be used with other popular car seat brands using adapters.

As with all our strollers, there is the extra technology to ensures it’s the lightest drive,plus it's resistant water repellent fabrics make them easy to wipe and clean!

More Stollers over @ KidslandUSA!


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