Tuesday 22 November 2016

Photos;Actress Toyin Aimakhu's Ex Seun Egbegbe caught stealing Iphones in Computer Village..


You Might be wondering if these Images are from a movie scene because Seun is also a producer who occasionally acts,But NO! They are reported images from Seun being questioned after he was saved from being lynched!

According to multiple media and eye witness reports Seun made his way to computer Village in Ikeja Lagos to buy Iphones and reportedly asked for about 7 units of the Apple Product.

He acted like he was going to make a payment but then proceeded to leave absconding with the Phones.The sales girl swung into action raising an alarm and he was caught and has now been handed over to the police..

Seun With his "Merchandise"

At Least Another Jungle Justice situation was avoided today so good on them for that!

Seun and Toyin when the times were good!

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