Tuesday 6 September 2016

Its Over! Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston end 3 Months relationship..

Taylor Swift passionately kisses new love Tom Hiddleston on the rocks in Rhode Island

So am just here staring at these images wondering and wondering what the hell?! Something must be wrong somewhere or isnt there something wrong?!

Taylor Swift moved on swiftly from Ex Calvin Harris and started a whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston barely two weeks after the split!.

BUT where did  all the love go all of a sudden?! In just three months, these two did it all! They toured Rome together and showed off their love on vacation They met the parents, heck Tom even got a Tshirt with a I love  TS (Taylor swift) inscribed! Thank GOD they dint even get matching Tattoos!

Image result for tom hiddleston wearing taylor swift shirt

More when you continue..

Image result for tom hiddleston wearing taylor swift shirt

Image result for tom hiddleston wearing taylor swift shirt

There were reports when these two first got together that Tom was doing it for fame cos he wanted the next bond role so badly well that may not even be foreseeable as Daniel Craig has reportedly been offered more money to shoot more movies for the 007 series(Thought he said he wanted to shoot himself if he had to do another bond movie?! Story for another day!)

Taylor reportedly ended things because Tom wanted to constantly put their relationship in the spotlight

Taylor had become uncomfortable with Tom's desire to put the relationship out there and be so public'with their romance that she began to question his motives and ended things.

Taylor and Tom havent been spotted or photographed together since July,Taylor was photographed as she walked alone and flaunted her new look curls out about in Newyork in August

 Well well well no surprises here.. The Taylor Swift "List of conquests" continues to grow..

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