Friday 1 July 2016

#StealYourGrandma 60 year old grey bearded Irvin Randle's style is breaking the internet!

Irvin aka Mr. Steal Your Grandma‘s photos have broken the internet,people are fascinated by his style and how stylish he looks despite being in his 60s! “Mr. Steal Your Granddma” is  a stylish grey haired educator based in Houston, Texas  living on his nickname name steal your grandma may even be inappropriate as he may even steal you first before getting to your grandma lol..

I guess he adopted that due to his age but he's so trendy younger fans are saying they dint mind "falling in" lol.

See more photos below..
Mr Steal Your Grandma Irvin Randle
And he's even pouting his lips lol...More when you continue..
Mr Steal Your Grandma Irvin Randle
Mr Steal Your Grandma irvin Randle

Mr Steal Your Grandma Irvin Randle

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