Friday 8 April 2016

Going out with a bang! Jennifer Lopez shimmers in Gold for American Idol Farewell season Finale..

Stealing the show: It was only appropriate judge Jennifer Lopez shone brightest at the American Idol finale in Hollywood on Thursday

Hiding her Booty: For once the curvy star decided to keep it under wraps thanks to her dramatic long train

Yep American Idol is over! After 15 seasons the plug has now been pulled on the show and as it was the final, glamorous judge Jennifer Lopez thought to do big things and come out blazing in gold for final finale 

A champagne moment: Canny Jennifer selected a dress colour that perfectly matched the occasion

Ohhh yeaah that was  right before she Turrrrned up! For a sizzling performance..

Ooh la la! Jennifer Lopez performed her new single Ain't Your Mama dressed in a sexy French maid outfit during the finale of American Idol on Thursday

Double treat: JLo also wore a revealing onesie as she treated fans to a rendition of her popular party hit Let's Get Loud

Rocking it: The 46-year-old bared plenty of skin as she knocked her routine out of the ballpark

SO who's gonna miss American Idol?? I think its sure done its time,But it may come back a few years down the line,revamped and re-branded a new name maybe..

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