Tuesday 24 March 2015

Ashley Wright sparks internet outrage by pole dancing with her two year old strapped to her back!!!(VIDEO)

Amazing sights of daring pole dancer Ashley Wright who continues to exert her freedom to dance freely on the pole even with her toddler strapped to her back!

Hold it: Ashley arched her back and struck a pose during her strenuous performance

Defying gravity: Ashley Wright, from San Fernando Valley, California, strapped her two-year-old daughter Shannon to her back as she pole danced to the song The Circle of Life in her latest YouTube video

The passionate dancer who continues to defend her right to pole dance with her two-year-old daughter strapped to her body, is under fire from critics who have accused her of 'endangering her child' after she released a new video of herself twirling around a silver bar in her underwear with her toddler secured firmly to her back.  

According to Wright,she got hooked on pole dancing after graduating college.
 To her, dance is an “organic” communication tool for expressing love with her daughter and, she insists, has nothing to do with attachment parenting, a philosophy that often involves extended  breastfeeding and baby wearing. “I am an attachment parent — I am breastfeeding my 2-year old and I put her in a sling.

Along for the ride: The 29-year-old mom can be seen swinging herself and her daughter around a silver pole in the video that has already received nearly 450,000 views

Upper body strength: Ashley can be see climbing and twirling around the pole throughout the clip

Hold it: Ashley arched her back and struck a pose during her strenuous performance

It’s not the first time that Wright has had to take a public stance regarding her dance routine. 

A video of her pole dancing while six months pregnant with Shannon ignited similar concern despite Wright’s OB/GYN’s medical stamp of approval.

Shortly after ,Wright posted a video of herself pole dancing in her living room with Shannon afoot, online commenters called the interaction “inappropriate” and an example of “bad parenting.” Wright even appeared on the CBS show “The Doctors” to defend her dancing.

I’ve been called names like ‘stripper’ and ‘bad parent’ and while I understand, remarks like these are sometimes from people who were taught to shame their bodies,” Wright, the 29-year-old single mother says  “People are mostly supportive, though, and say that I’m teaching my daughter how to love herself unconditionally.” 

In the latest video, Wright strapped her daughter in a six-yard-long wrap (with a technique she calls “double hammock with a chest pass and necktie”) to keep Shannon secure. “She’s not falling out in this thing,” she says. 

During rehearsals, Shannon slept blissfully on her mother’s back while the pair twirled, bent backward and forward, and climbed the pole. 

See video below..


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