Monday 29 July 2013

Must see Video; Watch Pop group TLC perform on stage after over a decade!

Its been over Ten Years since 90's pop group TLC have done anything on stage together.

With the group going through turbulent times,loosing a key member "Left eye"

But just a few days ago they announced their VH1 Biopic for an october release as well as a greatest hits album release.

HiphopAct Lil Mama who is rumoured to replace deceased member "Left eye" also joined them on stage for a performance.

See clips of their performances at the VH1 Mix tape festival held recently.. 

 Tuck in!


  1. One of my favorite groups ever! Happy about their comeback and even more excited about their biopic! Thanks for sharing the performance!


    1. yw dear am so excited for their comeback too! thanks for stopping by..Lovely Blog youve got xx


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