Thursday, 22 October 2015

Popular Award winning Blogger and Vlogger Sisiyemmie shares on her pregnancy Labour and birth experience!

Sisiyemmie is one of Nigeria's most popular Vloggers .

Even though she kept her pregnancy under tabs till she delivered, the Mum of one the lovely  Titobi recently shared on her Labour experience 

On tips on hospitals she says..

"One point I will always note is this: if you're going for any important procedure in a Nigerian hospital 

1. Make sure you always ask questions (they don't like answering sha but ASK!)
2. Carry somebody sharp with you because the biggest problem with Nigerian Hospitals is negligence! Once they know they are being monitored they sit up. 
3. Do your research, some of these hospitals are just "names"...find people who have had experiences.

Above all PRAY! I hope you enjoy the video: please share your birth experience with me!!!"

 The video is eye opening and at the same time hilarious! 

Check on it!

Childbirth is definiely one of life's miracles!
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