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Its Bravo for Knorr Taste Quest Season 3!!!

Knorr Taste season 3 review

Its been a while we had a post on food so this is a bit on time. I had a previous review for Knorr taste quest season two and considering that post is one of the most read posts where some readers commented on me criticizing them too much I think its fair to do an update and review of the season three now that we think they did well.

Besides most of the suggestions we gave were  kinda followed so wouldn't we be immodest if we don't write what they did better with season three by taking our suggestions  abi ke lol..

 So lets look at 5 things we mentioned that the guys at Knorr taste quest(KTQ) corrected  on the recently concluded season 3.
Knorr Taste season 3 review

1)The female judge;

Season two had 3 judges but season 3 had only two! looks like somebody got fired  we arent killjoys but we kinda saw this coming as the female judge/chef seemed very out of place,seemed unhappy half of the time and often gave the contestants uninspiring comments.

We hate to say we told you so! but we dint see her returning for a new season and she dint instead the organizers had guest judges come in weekly, even gave some food bloggers a chance to guest judge That I think  was great this season!

2) The Presenter!

Errrmmm yep we called oit again this time but just like a certain political party's slogan says Change! and yes change gon come!  hehehe..Thats what happened in this case we talked about the show not really needing a presenter,Guess he want really cut out for this kind of presenting as popular OAP Manny who was the presenter was replaced!

Cool FM's Manny was replaced by Marian Anazodo Nee Arthur .

For us here this was a very pleasant change even though we thought the show dint need a presenter Marian proved her worth making the show lively with her laughter and calming the contestants down with her down to earth approach.

Need we say Marian is one of our fave TVpresenters since presenting movies music and more on Nta 2 Channel 5 before getting married to Sports presenter Charles Anazodo,welcoming twins and then maintaining a family.

 We sure were grateful for the change Knorr  taste quest brought on our screens this season  AS Marian was in her full element.

We Loved this  #Change!

3)The Tasks!;

We talked bout the tasks last season being pretty basic!.the theme this year was the Masterclass. we dint see a lot of classes yes,they said they were looking for a MASTER but they did follow some of our suggestions,they took the cooking outside,did some  market/supermarket runs,cooked for fans,the tasks were tougher and interesting and yes they did Fillet a fish!!which we suggested!

4)The Judges toned it down!

Yea we said last season the judges were  a bit tough especially Dr Roberts,we think he toned it down this season,Someone still needs to be tough yes but it was the right dose this season.

Chef Fregz was in his usual element and the judges sure made the show all together enjoyable like Dr Robert asking a contestant if he grew the banana he served because he virtually did nothing to it and dint transform it in anyway meaning anyone else could have gone to the store he went to also buy the same Banana and present

 5)Production quality went up a notch!

We think the show's production team did a good job with picture quality,camera angles and the likes and considering they filmed outside and even  had a supermarket dash we sure think the production team did good and the episode structure was rearranged and more enjoyable .

  And ohh we had to squeeze in a sixth!  our best part of the new season.. 

 6)The Theme song!

 We arent sure if there was a theme song  for seasons 1 and 2 but this new theme song we absolutely loved! ~Toss it,stir it,crumble! Knorr!~

And do we need to add we were delighted on who won,even though one of our favourite contestants from season 2  Victor returned,he dint win it but he made the top five.

DaviesObiekea eventually emerged this year's master beating four others to the crown

Knorr Taste season 3 review
Davies Winner Knorr taste Quest season 3

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale review
Dapo Lambo Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Dapo Lambo Ist Runner up

Tunji Onisarotu Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Tunji Onisarotu  2nd Runner up

Victor Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Victor came in @4th

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants
Balogun 5th place

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants

Knorr Taste Quest season 3 finale contestants

Knorr Taste Quest  season 3 Winners and prizes

 Knorr taste Quest season 3 was not perfect but they sure improved! so we say Bravo! and cheers to a better, much more refreshing season 4!

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