Monday, 8 February 2021

#DancingThroughCrisis Day 29; Setbacks as stepping stones!

It's Day 29,a little glitch and we couldn't share activities to do, and affirmations for day 28,but day 29 is here now..

It’s fantastic that you’re not concerned with setbacks but with what lies ahead and how well you’ve done.

We are so glad you know that you realize how much progress you’ve already made.

You realize it’s not productive to judge yourself if you have any setbacks. Treat setbacks and failures as part of the process.

What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward?

 How do you feel about your progress?What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward? How do you feel about your progress?

Share your success Stories! Post one thing you’ve succeeded at during this 30 day challenge! Share why this has been so important. Tag two friends. #dancingthroughcrisis

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