Monday, 11 January 2021

#DancingThroughCrisis New Year,New You With Dancing&Life!

A new year brings hope! See how you can experience joy and gratitude in the new year.

In times of crisis it is hard to be hopeful.. But it’s not impossible and may be the key to mentally surviving a crisis like this.

Despite the burdens of the recent past you can look to the future with the likelihood of positive change.

You can turn turmoil and crisis into opportunity.

Discover your primary inner strength that will bring you through the problems that life gives you?

Share your experience in spinning the gratitude wheel...

 Draw a big circle on a piece of paper; divide it into 4 sections; in each section write what brings you joy; spin a pen and share your experience with whatever joy it lands on. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Dancing Through Crisis is an online video course that gives you the tools you need to get past your crisis, no matter what it is.

Over the course of the program, you will discover 4 inner strengths you already have, strengths you will need to get past your crisis.

The program will show you how to harness your inner leader, your inner fixer, your inner planner, and your inner doer. This is combined with simple one-step dances and movements that will empower you and shift your perspectives so that you can face any crisis.

You can sign up Here!

Dancing and Life is a company that provides free premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life.

 It will teach you the power of movement and dance to help you feel better now.

Dancing and Life is for everyone. You don’t have to be a dancer or even have rhythm or dancing skills; what matters is the movement and the intent behind it.

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