Thursday 21 December 2017

Actress and Entrepreneur Iyabo Ojo celebrates 40th Birthday with fun shoot..

She's been teasing with lovely photos throughout this week.

As she turned 40 today the actress shared images from a regal shoot to celebrate the milestone..

"Love me some me 😍😍😍 Thank u Lord for life,,,,,,,,,,,,for health,,,,,,,,,,for wealth,,,,,,,,,,,for happiness,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in few hours I 'll be 40fied😍😍😍 wow😲😲 👄👄👄am grateful!!! am thankful!!! We only live once...........& i'm living,,,,,,,,,, do what makes u happy!!! live for u!!! Alice Iyabo, God's special baby........I am grateful!!!! "

She shared..

More when you continue..

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