Monday 12 June 2017

Stay away from My Family! When Comedian AY Makun's wife came for Freda Francis!

So This is Cosmetic and Beauty Entrepreneur Freda Francis who is presently Pregnant

This is Comedian AY and his wife Mabel

Freda had a baby shower recently,AY attended and the photos hit the net

Mabel was obviously not happy and she took to the net this morning to tell Freda to stay away from her family am sure she meant her husband in particular.

She also shared some of their chats which is kinda inappropriate for a married man I think..
Saying he He doesn't mind having sexual relations with his wife's friend who is pregnant for another man!

Or is AY the daddy? Freda hasn't really revealed who her baby daddy is...

So why is Mabel warning only Freda? what about  her husband?

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