Wednesday 14 August 2013

Twitter Battle; Femi Fani Kayode Vs Oby Ezekwesili!


Ok Two former Ministers, who have served Nigeria in Various capacities in the past and present are seemingly taking  certain Tribal related views and slagging it off on Twitter.

 Former Minister 1(Femi) wrote a certain piece about ethnic groups Igbos and Yorubas)
 Former Minister2(Oby) Thinks Femi should be "Taken in" By the Authorities as he is spewing very delicate stuff.

See their tweets Below..

So these Exchanges went on and on with people injecting this that..I think I have just had a headache reading all those.. and thats just the bit of it..

for more
Please check the TL of these Handles

GOD Bless Nigeria!

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