Thursday 15 August 2013

Nollywood Actor Saidi Balogun Hits at Bloggers " I did not Father a Fifth Child nor get married ;Bloggers are liars who use gossip and Rumours to make their blogs popular"

Actor Saidi Balogun is not smiling at all! He isnt Happy with you Bloggers at all,Concerning Rumours about him fathering a 5th  child,a marriage which never happened  or all the lies in general. He wants you all to know that...ermmm see his statement below..

"My people (eyin temi):

Some bloggers have been writing RUBBISH about me the last couple months. I, SAIDI BALOGUN am telling you myself that in front of God and Man:

1.) Contrary to recent tabloid/blog "news," I DID NOT father a fifth child


2.) On July 7th, 2013, I DID NOT GET MARRIED, rather I held one of the most successful movie premieres in the history of Nollywood (my latest film You Or I).

As I have stated before on MY OWN AUTHENTIC SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS, please be careful when reading "news" from BLOGGERS who are NOT JOURNALISTS, rather they use lies, unconfirmed rumors, and gossip to make their blogs popular.

Thanks and God Bless you all,


So there you have it "Bloggers" Write about his work and work only!

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