Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bloggers Tonto Dike and Nonso Diobi have got messages for you..


Appreciation 2 all dem Bloggerz,shitheadz thou but God haz uzed ya'll greatly 2our advantage** Ossheeee, Blezzup** 💋💋


"Celebs are also humans just like you and should be allowed to live their lives as one. We also have our personal life behind the screen you know... Because most of these so-called BLOGGERS are from the pit of Hell sent by the Devil to destroy the careers of successful people."

Both Nollywood Actors were recently quoted from social media making statements about bloggers oya Bloggers make una reply them ohh..


  1. hahahaha, Tonto looks very fresh here. I also think that we should be proud of our own and help to commend the good about them rather than bring them down with our pens and type pads. Lol


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