Thursday, 17 May 2018

#ViralVideo; When Nigeria's Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris Turned the word Transmission into a tongue twister..

Video of Nigeria's Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris Transmission speech in Kano

Please lets say Transmission together please..Trans..mission..

Burt it might seems as though our police boss had a problem pronouncing that word..

He reportedly giving a speech obviously written for him at a recent function and the word Transmission basically f**ked him up!

You hear him say it like a million times, it just became tongue twisting for him, he would say I mean,No Transfusion,affirmative,then you simply hear Kidnappers and thats it,Even help from probably the speech writer dint do him any favours the word Transmission was simply out to get him!  😈😒😒😖😞😣🙉🙅

 See the videos below..

No wonder somebody refused to go to the Senate..

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