Wednesday, 13 September 2017

#Beauty Videos of the week! Youtubers go crazy for #Rihanna's #FentyBeauty!

Rihanna has added beauty products to her line of businesses behind her jewelry and clothing ranges.

Youtube videos and reviews for Rihanna's #FentyBeauty

She launched Fenty beauty this week and Youtubers have been falling over each other to lay their hands on the products and film a good review.

So far the reviews have been very positive making us to believe that Bad Girl Riri has gone and done a good tin!(Please read that with your best Caribbean accent lol)..

But dont take our word for it,watch the reviews and see.

With Riri Launching a whopping 40 shades for her foundation,we've collated videos from diverse Youtubers,from white to the darkest skinned ladies 

Tuck in!

Patricia Bright!

Jeffree Star

Toni Olaoye

Alissa Ashley

More when you continue..


 Nikki Perkins

Nyma Tang

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