Sunday, 13 August 2017

#KevinHart and wife #EnikoParissh celebrate Ist year wedding Anniversary..

Kevin Hart and wife Eniko celebrate Ist year wedding Anniversary

Sharing images from their big day the couple took to social media to celebrate one year of marital bliss.

Eniko shared..

 I'm Grateful to God everyday for putting us together. When it's real, no love/bond can ever be faked nor broken. My partner in life, My other half that makes me whole, My SOULMATE.♥ Thank you for always keeping a smile on my face.. I love you more everyday. 8 years together..1 year married..Forever to go! #HartilyYours 💍
Happy 1 year anniversary babe! We made it!

Kevin's post read..

Happy 1 year anniversary to this unbelievable wife of mine. Thank u for all that you do. Thank you for loving me & supporting me at the highest level...Thank you for loving & embracing my kids & the way you do...Thank you for turning my house into home...Thank you for simply making me Happy....You are & will forever be my "Rib"....1 year down & the rest of our life to go....Our family & our union is getting bigger & stronger & I love it!!!!! #Harts
Kevin Hart and wife Eniko celebrate Ist year wedding Anniversary

We are glad to see them waxing strong considering Kevin was hit with a cheating scandal just a few weeks ago.

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