Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Anna Banner celebrates her daughter with Flavour as she turns two today!

Sharing  these adorable photos she said..

"My Happy Child❤️ You're my Angel from Above! You've made my life complete! Your existence is supernatural 💫 Thank you for making me a Mother💝 Your love for me is beyond understanding💥 Our bond is extremely extraordinary🔥💝 Thank you Heavenly Father for adding one more year to my dear daughter's life🙏 Words cannot explain how thankful I am💃🏻 Wisdom, understanding, love, Grace, Favour, Blessing, peace, Knowledge, Laughter, unmerited Favour, Joy and Happiness shall never depart from you my Dearest SOFIA OKOLI❤️ I LOVE YOU BABY❤"

Happy birthday Sophia!

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