Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Rob Kardashian spills more! says TI and his wife Tiny paid to have a threesome with Blac Chyna!

Photos and Screenshots Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Chyna's cheating on Instagram

You are spoiling us Rob! too much tea for one day! Incase you missed the first part please check here! cos this is part two! 

Rob has been putting his ex fiancee and baby mama Blac Chyna on blast all day.

Celebrities have been taking sides and sharing their opinions on social media.

TI  jumped on it voicing his own opinion and he got dragged by Rob revealing that he paid to have sex with Chyna along with his wife Tiny.. 

Here's what TI said..
Photos and Screenshots Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Chyna's cheating on Instagram

Rob's expose!

Since TI wanna chime in on business that don't concern him let's talk about the threesome you had with Chyna and your baby mama Tiny. Don't speak on my daughter when u having threesomes with young Chy and Tiny ::: and I put that on my daughters life since u wanna speak on my daughter,,, damn shame. Chyna told me everything about your threesomes with you and her and Tiny. U got no moves bro ;;; Correction ::: TI paid Chyna to have sex with Tiny and him 

Ohhh naaa Rob isnt done! 

He says Chyna got pregnant with Dream to spite his sister Kylie for taking Tyga off her..

Photos and Screenshots Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Chyna's cheating on Instagram

See more below..

This was just yesterday again this girl is fucking way too many fools at the same time I just can't no more. But u all hit up Chyna lol. I just found out too she just fucked one of her best friends dudes. I will never allow my daughter to be around dudes coming in and out of her house. She had sex with 3 guys in 3 days in the same bed under the roof I pay for with my daughter there. That is why I feel so disrespected. And now I'm done with this person having a child out of spite for the rest of my life thank God. Thank God for the constant messages of Chyna asking me for a party pack which included cocaine, molly and X. Get it together for your daughter. It was your daughters first 4th of July yesterday and u chose drugs and sex in our bed rather then spending it with your daughter for her first 4th July

But I had these guys mistaken cuz Chyna keeps sending me different videos of different men in our bed so my bad I got the guys mixed up. But this dude in the video is @mechiesocrazy so congrats you also about to get your followers up. Lol. Chyna crazy for real sending me videos of different men she fucking in the bed and house I pay for and with my daughter in the house while u doing all that. At least I smashed first but I'm hoping I didn't get U pregnant again when u told me to cum inside u. I'm a damn fool why the fuck would i cum inside u. And then u fucked the @ferraritru3 fool the next day and then the @mechiesocrazy after. Bitches are crazy and I just dropped u off 250K in jewelry out of love for being the mother of my child but it's all good not one person is surprised

So this one of the dudes @blacchyna was fucking literally a day after I smashed and came inside her. And the dude who is @ferraritru3 hit me to tell me if I don't help him get money he gonna expose Chyna lol. So i told Chyna this and instead she has the dude over and fucks him in our bed where our baby and we lay. I just got your followers up crazy so now u can get your paper up with some Instagram ads and try and handle those bills u can't afford

 Wait so I bought the purple Versace robe and I also bought the robe the dude in the middle is wearing. The same robe that Chyna gave to another dude who fucked her in my bed haha this is wild. Chyna really just be giving dudes my robe day after day that's wild. That robe was just in the dirty laundry lol see next post for dude with my robe again in her bed lol

Rob's Instagram has now been shut down!

Ohhh man! ...gulps more water! 

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