Sunday, 4 June 2017

Nollywood Actress Ifeoma Okeke celebrates birthday with new photos..

The actress is a year older today and you might be wondering why she's holding balloons that read 17 when she's definitely not 17 lol..

 She explains why saying she would choose to celebrate any age she likes..

"Last year I started my BD count down from 25yrs & finally choose 18. Firstly I want to Thank God almighty for my real age, I am proud of MY REAL AGE & glad to be alive but today. I choose to celebrate 18 only because I noticed that ladies in general never want to be more than the BIG 30 especially We the SINGLE ONES,all of us have refused to be more than 31. Alot of girls I know celebrated 25 & 27 more than 5times before they finally turned 30. And the other of the day is the photoshoot with balloons & it's either 30 or 31 but Truly I don't blame them, Do you know why? 1. Because most of us haven't achieved what we what to achieve in life. 2. Because most of us are still single and if suitors find out about our real age they won't come again cos in this part of this world(Nigeria) it's all about age & that's what matters especially when your mother in law got married at 18 seeing her son go for a girl above 30 is like a taboo.(bikonu help us to help you) 3. Because in this our generation Nobody wants to be old. 4. Because when you look your mates who have really achieved so much, you won't be proud of who you are. But I want to tell us that whether you celebrate 20,30,31 or 18 like me last year. You are who you are & your REAL AGE IS YOUR REAL AGE for me I'll be 25 after have gotten married then 30 after I have my kids because that was my dream while I was in SS3.

Don't get it twisted. It's my DAY. And I will celebrate it the way I want😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MUA

So since she celebrated 18 last year she chose 17 this year lol..

 More when you continue..

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