Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mercy Aigbe bags Ambassadorial deal for Widows rights Foundation..

The Actress is back on her feet and back to work after all the domestic violence drama with her husband,

She has now learnt her voice to fight against domestic violence and abolish unfair treartment of Widows.

Recently unveiled alongside Actor Desmond Elliot as Ambassadors for The Felix King Foundation Mercy shared

"History beckons as i add my voice to the movement that will hopefully inspire the abolishment of widows' maltreatment in our communities. It's heart breaking to realise that with all the societal advancements, a reasonable segment of our society which constitutes over 8 million disadvantaged widows and 24 million children below age 17 are still subject to maltreatment that include; domestic violence, sexual assault, conversion of properties, forced evictions, neglects, denial of human rights and the list goes on. I stand with widows today, will you join me?

More below..

Let's protect the rights of widows and women. I believe no woman deserves to be maltreated regardless of the circumstances life throws at her. I million pledges is needed to present the "abolish widows maltreatment in Edo state bill" to the Edo state House of Assembly which i believe will eventually inspire communities across Africa to seek for this all important change. I just pledged my voice as a "Widows'Liberty Ambassador" for the Felix King Foundation Liberty Project for the abolishment of widows' maltreatment in Africa"

Mercy Aigbe Latest Photos

Meanwhile her husband is busy showing off his new love on social media..

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