Tuesday, 28 March 2017

#BBNaija UPDATE;Nominations week 10 Bisola and Efe in the finals as Debie-Rise, Bally, Marvis and TBoss are up for possible eviction this Sunday


Its the week before the grand Finale and Bisola won the final head of house task for the season..

After the nominations  Debie-Rise, Efe, Marvis and TBoss were up for possible eviction before  HoH Bisola then saved Efe and replaced him with Bally.

Considering Biggie's twist this week where they are going to be able to save one person out of the lot Marvis or Bally may get saved by Bisola and Efe who have now cruised straight to to the finals!

Here's how the housemates voted in their last nomination  session for the season!

Marvis; Nominated  Debie-Rise and TBoss 

Bally; Nominated TBoss and Debie-Rise

 Debie-Rise; Nominated  Marvis and Efe 

 Efe; Nominated  Debie-Rise and TBoss 

TBoss; Nominated Efe and Marvis  

Bisola; Nominated  TBoss and Debie-Rise

By Wednesday we would know who is saved and joining Efe and Bisola in the finals.

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