Monday, 13 March 2017

#BBNaija UPDATE; Week 8 Nominations,Tboss,Efe,ThinTallTony and Debie Rise up for eviction

After the Live Nominations this evening the housemates put up were Bally,Tboss and ThinTallTony before head of house Bassey was called to save and replace.

He saved Bally and replaced him with Efe .

Big Brother then called on Marvis to use her Power card to put up one housemate for eviction she then called on Debie Rise taking up the number to 4 Nominated housemates.

So This week TBoss,ThinTallTony,Efe and Debie Rise are up for the public vote.


Debie Rise

More when you continue..


Here's how the housemates nominated..


MARVIS - Nominated Tboss and ThinTallTony

ThinTallTony Nominated  - Efe and Bally

Debie Rise -  Nominated ThinTallTony and Bally

Efe -  Nominated - Tboss  and ThinTallTony

Tboss -Nominated  Efe and Marvis

Bisola -Nominated  Tboss and Debie Rise

Bally -Nominated  ThinTallTony  and Tboss

Who are you saving this week?

Details on how to vote to save you Favourite houemate below...

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