Wednesday, 15 February 2017

#FromParisWithLove17 Photos from Toyosi & Wole's Dream Wedding courtesy of WED Expo!

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On Valentines day Toyosi & Wole, winners of WED Dream Wedding got married. The couple won a FREE Wedding courtesy of WED Expo and the WED Dream Team of vendors who put together this awesome event. 

Their Dream Wedding was truly glamorous and nothing short of magical with beautiful moments here and there to make their day special!

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Their wedding was supported by the WED Dream Team comprising of awesome vendors who came together to make their wedding a success.

The couple entered their wedding reception venue in style, riding in a sleek Porsche. Their cake, specially made by Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan was designed like the Eiffel Tower to match the wedding theme: FromParisWithLove17

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More photos when you continue..

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Photo Credits:
Euclase Photography @euclase_ltd 
Jide Odukoya @jopstudios

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