Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tonto Dikeh's Husband finally reveals their son's face!

While Tonto has been busy hiding her son's face showing his back view,his arm,legs and all..her husband has just gone and shown it all to the world on a platter of gold!

Amidst rumours of their marriage falling apart, their son king turned 11 months today and both parents shared on their pages..Tonto's message of course had no photos..

She shared..
 "My BABY,my Love,my Heart,my Life my Wealth,my greatness I watch you grow each day into a fine young boy..
Every moment spent with you i know God Loves you,My Love for you Knows no end!
I will never stop praying for you!!
I will never stop been better for Us!!
God has a plan for you,And you will Live Long to Actualize it..Your destiny is covered by the blood of Jesus,You will be unstoppable,unmoveable,You shall be a pillar of support and joy to millions...You shall Rule my son,May the heavens celebrate with me as You mark 11months in my precious Hands..
God bless you KINGY,God keep you safe KINGY,I love you too much for words..
You are the definition of Gods glory..
#Happybest11monthsofmyLife #Favoredchild #MAMAKING #KINGY"

While Churchill who shared that he bought his 11 month old son a car..said 

What ever plan the devil has for you won't work, you shall excel and rule like the king that you are.i love you so much. #replica #thekingishere #kingandreaproperties

Eeeeeyah! I am sure Tonto wanted to reveal him in a big way,photoshoot,endorsements and all  but her husband just went and threw a spanner in the works..Sorry Tonto.. 

I think King sure looks likes his dad..

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