Friday, 6 January 2017

Brand new Episode! Skinny Girl in Transit Season 3 Episode 6 #SGIT3

Brand new Episode of your Fave show..

Check on it!


  1. okay now I'm gonna have to comment.
    1. Tiwaaaaaaaa night stand?? Like how?? come on now... she now said her heart belongs to someone else and I'm like abi ki n yaka gba e leti ni( make I spread my fingers slap you). Mide has been on your neck since... u vexed because u caught him locking lips with his ex u are now saying your heart belongs to someone else I hope its sha not mide...
    2. I have vex finish. bhet well... I hope u forgive urself sha and hope Mide forgives u cos I can feel it in my heart that u were both meant to be... he knows how to handle you.
    3. Mama Tiwa and Aunty Dupsy kilode!!! I understand Tiwas mums point of view but never should u let it get to that stage, even when she told u she couldn't marry him cos her womb was removed, wheres the empathy and sympathy. Family should be where u run to when 'society' makes u feel incomplete or tries to confuse you. mama tiwa o ku die ka to (u no try).
    Oya biko lengthen it biko. drop 2 per week. nice one though.

    1. Lol @adebola am sure most fans of the show felt exactly the way you felt watching this episode,The writers got us all! we all cant wait for the next episode...

      Thank you so much for stopping by!x

  2. Splendid episode.
    Tiwa never answered if she used protection or not...hope the scandal is not one bad tinnnn ooh! *fingers crossed till next week*

    1. You're so right Anon..Splendid episode it was!Dont mind Tiwa jare..I am also wondering about the scandal Didi was talking about..Like you said next week couldn't come any faster!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! x

  3. I'm really hoping that the one night stand with fabrice doesn't go viral
    What would people say because she's not exactly someone who is unpopular
    Asin I'm still shocked
    Tiwa wow😐

    1. @Shekinah dont mind the girl ohhh! still cant wrap my head around why she did it.. Silly Tiwa! lol..

      Friday oya run and come o jare!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! x


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