Sunday, 18 December 2016

Blac Chyna's Instagram Account Hacked! Calls Rob Kardashian Fat and Insecure and plans to leave him in a year revealed in exposed DMs!

I am not sure if these messages are true but someone has obviously taken over Blac Chyna's Instagram and has been posting what he/she says are Chyna's Intimate DMS.

From calling her Rob her Fiance Fat,insecure and that he onky wears one clothing,to her plans for the trademark to go through without Kris,her flirty chat with rapper Young thug to her leaving Rob after a year see all the details below..

The Hacker explains his/her mission before proceeding!

Convo with her friend

More when you continue!

Convo with Jaden Smith about Kylie and Tyga

Convo with Young thug

Convo with her lawyer on the Kardashian name trademark

Back to her friend

Ohhh and the Hacker gives the farewell speech!

Updates Over Here!

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