Sunday, 11 December 2016

Actress Ini edo shares testimony on how she escaped Reigners Bible Church Building Collapse in Akwa Ibom..

Ini Edo recently got appointed into Akwa Ibom Governor  Emmanuel Udom's Cabinet to serve in some Capacity.

The Governor was to attend a function at a Church Reigners Bible Church Akwa Ibom and the Actress strived ro make it to the venue despite airlines cancelling flights and frustrating her efforts to meet up with the service. Luckily these delays were what would save her life as the church building collapsed in a tragedy that took lives into hundreds!

The Akwa Ibom Governor was lucky to also escape unhurt..

Here's what  Ini shared...

"I was very bitter about the unreliable nature of some of our airlines cancelling flights without prior notice thereby hindering my plans to attend a church service ceremony held in uyo.Now out of determination, I took a flight to calabar with the hope of being in uyo just in time for the service since the journey between calabar and uyo was just about an hour. The journey ended up taking over 7hrs because of an unexplainable traffic.No accident, good road no hitches just a headlock traffic. Whilst in the car, I started wondering why all my efforts to be at the service was being thwarted... then I got a call, that the entire church building had collapsed during the course of the service .... Once again, God had saved me..

My heart goes out to the families of the departed..may the good Lord grant them the heart to bear the loss.

Everyday we see is a's not because we are special or better..It's the exceeding Grace of our Lord Jesus.Iam so humbled and grateful to God for preserving me... Happy thanksgiving"

Thank GOD for you Ini! and May GOD give succor to those who lost loved ones.

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