Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Actor Damola Olatunji gushes over his baby Mama actress Bukola Awoyemi Arugba!

Actor Damola Olatunji's beau No not his wife  Raliat whom we featured Here his Babymama and mum to his twins Actress Bukola Awoyemi Arugba(A name that stuck after she featured in the mainframe flick Arugba) was a year older recently and the Actor could not stop gushing about how virtuous she was.He became a poet overnight!

He shared... "OLUWABUKOLA THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN" A virtuous woman is one of a kind The Bible says she is hard to find. Her price is far above rubies(naira,dollars,pounds)which are rare, She must be handled with extreme care. Her husband knows she’s a precious gem indeed, He knows that she is willing to please. Her children treat her with honor and respect, They know that she always does her best.
A virtuous woman does all that she can, She’s always there and stands by her man. Though she’s humble and meek, she takes no mess, You can count on her to pass the test. You will know her when she passes you by, For she always holds her head up high. She’s courageous and strong, a dignified lady she is, You will never know that she has shed many tears. A lady of class and elegance too

OLUWABUKOLA... Who is OLUWABUKOLA? A virtuous woman. How ? When a virtuous woman speaks Wisdom flows from her mouth, nothing about her is weak She is clothed with dignity and strength, and her heart longs to be pure She is entrenched completely in Christ and her identity is secure Fearfully and wonderfully made she can boldly proclaim When she walks, when she talks, she puts the worldly woman to shame She delights in the word of God which dwells richly in her soul She has been trained in righteousness and is fearlessly bold She is graceful and elegant walking uprightly before the Lord Her heart is draped around Christ like a 3 fold cord She is far more precious than gold as well as beautiful gems The meditation of her heart breaks fourth and sings like precious hymns She is unashamed of the Gospel and beautiful are her feet She is saturated with power as if she was clothed in a sheet She does not gossip nor does she turn away her hands She freely loves, she freely cares, and she gives all she can If you spot her in the street, she would vibrantly shine To wed her love is more superior than wine She was created to stand as a helpmate if her beloved shall fall Many women have done excellent, but she surpasses them all She discerns that beauty is fleeting and that charm is deceptive She pays no attention to the world, for it has a disorderly perceptive Her horrendous past is buried under the sea She is captivated by the Creator and is inexpressibly free She is engraved in the palm of the heavenly father’s hand She looks to him for complete security and not in the perishing man Her life is marked out by fruit of the magnificent Spirit Her heart is sensitive to his voice, when he speaks she hear it In conclusion this woman shall be praised all the days of her subsistence For she is one who fears the lord with reverence and obedience cultivates her existence."

We are not sure if the Nollywood star has remarried Bukola as his first Marriage to Raliat packed up shortly after the news of Bukola's pregnancy broke, but what we know is that Damola says she is his woman and his everything and Bukola also refers to Damola as the love of her life!

More stunning photos of the Arugba Actress + a fun video of the couple together below..

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