Monday, 10 October 2016

Designer Yomi Casual flaunts 1 Million Naira cheque gift from Brother AY

The Designer had a new line launch for his Label yesterday and he got a gift from his big brother Comedian AY,

He says..

SOMETIMES ALL YOU NEED IS JUST A SURPRISING HUGE CHEQUE FROM YOUR BIG BROTHER @aycomedian commending you for a job well done#stillInShockFromLastNight#YomicasualShirtlaunchWasLit#😉😆😆🤗 The smile on my face is just priceless!! PLS HELP ME THANK the world best Supportive, encouraging,inspiring, motivating brother like no other! GOD BLESS YOU SIR @aycomedian

I think that's a reckless move,your brother knows the gift he gave you,you know it too why not just take to your page to thank him without showing off the cheque?!??! We all know how this can go if the bad guys decide to do stuff with the details on that cheque..

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