Thursday, 28 July 2016

Toyin Aimakhu set to launch her own Emojis called Teemoji!

The actress is set to launch her very own line of Emoji called ‘Teemoji' I cant even knock Toyin's Hustle,we all saw what Kim  Kardashian made of her Kimoji's  likewise Blac Chyna with her Chymoji's so Toyin launching hers with Yoruba slangs I think is cool..
Toyin says..

"my emojis and it's called Teemojis 
It's in yoruba,let's promote our culture and with this I promise I will be able to help alot of my fans,coming soon,u can download it
Yoruba smileys yoruba expressions
Yoruba emojis

Pls support this movement and hope u all are proud of me..we've alot of expressions and I promise I pledge with this I will be able to empower alot of my fans" 


The subscription based Toyin Aimakhu themed emoji app is a collection of replications of many of Toyin’s unique facial expressions matched with everyday local phrases and parlance in Yoruba Language. 
These unique emojis would allow users express themselves in more fun and relatable ways.

The Teemoji App  is set to be available for download soon!

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