Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hip pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA and wife loved up in new photo-"I will choose you over and over again!"

The hip pastor yeah hip! lol.. how many pastors wear designer from head to toe lol.. #Justkidding

The pastor just showed off his lovely wife and shared some lovely words..

"There are some people you meet, and your life just begins to advance. My wife is that person to me. Since the day we got married till now, I have no regrets. Sweetheart, I will choose you over and over again. I love you dearly. 
#HighlightOfTheVacation #PastorMo #TheMostBeautifulWomanInTheWorld #ExcuseOurSelfie #WeAreGettingAHangOfIt"

Anyways you might be wondering why this is news well I was wondering too! Just that as i wondering why i was wondering I wondered why he has such a beautiful wife whom he claims to love so much yet allegations of infidelity and sexual recklessness will not let him rest key word allegations ohh but what do I know sef!

Meanwhile COZA means Commonwealth of Zion Assembly #JUSTINCASEYOUDINTKNOW!

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