Friday, 24 June 2016

Photos;laura Ikeji Takes NewYork!

While the whole world is busy debating and disecting #Brexit fashion buff,reality star and Instagram celeb Laura Ikeji is living it up in NYC!

With Brother Peks

She shared some thoughts about her journey so far...

 "If I, Laura Ikeji had listened to all the mean names I've been called in my life especially on social media, I wouldn't be here today, I wouldn't have ventured into what I'm about to start. . I've been hated for no reason, I've been judged by people that have never ever met me before. But still I am one of the happiest people on planet earth. See, I am Linda Ikeji's sister, no doubt, she's been an angel to me, I've spent her money over and over. But pause... for a min... And see what I'm doing with my self. I'm proud of me. Thanks to all the positive people I know. I'm winning You too can."

She says you too can win!..More photos of  her style looks in the big apple when you continue...

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