Thursday, 7 January 2016

Turns out actor Bolanle Ninalowo wasnt dating Yvonne Jegede afterall! Shares photos of his wife and two Kids!

Or Maybe they did date and have ended things??  Well we  all thought they were an item,with them throwing their BFF tag around and Bolanle always sharing sweet posts for his actor colleague, but it turns out the actor has a wife/baby mama and two kids who are 10 and 8 years old respectively who woulda thought?!

According to reports the actor had some issues with his GF/Baby mama and had  been trying to get back with her..So were all those posts about Yvonne Jegede meant to make her jealous and drive her back to him or were they just friendly banter?? Well he is now back with his Baby  Mama and has been posting so many photos of her and his lovely kids.. And trust Nigerians they came for him saying he used Yvonne and that he shouldnt confuse them on who his woman really was his baby mama or Yvonne..

Well He says this of his baby mama.. "10 years deep. We no dey show.. we still dey build. Buh.... we don been tru it all.. or should i just say, only her coulda dealt with a crazy man like me. She stuck tru it all. What can i do buh WORSHIP her."

 "Whew.. we don been through hell and back but God brought us out to reach fulfillment. If they been there through  the struggles, you gotta keep em around during the success too. A thankful heart. Ose Olubunmi!"

Photos of Bunmi below..

More when you continue..


Photo of the couple from 9 years ago!

With his two Kids 

  So where does that leave Yvonne Still BFF's??

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