Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Now that blac Chyna is dating Rob Kardashian..

She set social media on fire when she shared this snap of her tagged "The beginning" wrapped around a man's arm or so it seemed till folks connected the inked arm to be Rob Kardashian's.

Well  truth is Blac has always been family infact at one time besties with sister Kim  

The way they were: The model was best friends with Kylie's sister Kim before the 18-year-old began dating her ex Tyga (pictured in 2014 with ex Tyga, Kim and husband Kanye West)

Well until her kid sister snatched her then fiance and baby daddy Tyga.

Well its now official official that Blac has played a fast one snatching their bro right from under them.Rob who has been a bit troubled and estranged from his sisters reportedly found solace in the mum of one 

How sister Kim,Kourtney,Khloe,Kendall and most importantly Kylie must feel is what would definitely play out on their reality show  more ratings,more money,We all know the Kardashians know how to turn things around like that! 

Blac has faced alot of backlash for the relationship not being real and just out for revenge but look at 

Instagram media by blacchyna - 🍑

 Instagram media by blacchyna - 👅

Instagram media by blacchyna - Legend

Thats her response to you people LEGEND she says..

Meanwhile somewhere else on planet earth.

Retail therapy: Kylie Jenner headed to Polacheck's Luxury Jewelers in Calabasas on Sunday amid brewing Kardashian drama 

Off for a shopping spree: The 18-year-old star wore leather leggings and a white top with satin jacket

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