Thursday, 7 January 2016

Netflix in Nigeria!


On Demand Online Movies streaming Portal  Netflix has lifted its location restrictions and Nigerians can now connect to the portal to stream and watch  their favourite movies and TVshows .

That sees like good news right?!But what does it mean for Nigerians really when  internet connectivity and Data is  so expensive and slow?!

What does this mean for Digital satellite TV  if  people can stream loads and loads of movies and TV shows  unlimited for less than $8 a month why do they need DSTV OR IROKO TV??

How would Nigerians pay for their subscription with the CBN policies on Naira cards? 

I guess with time  Nigerians can work around these challenges and we would know if  indeed Netflix is here to stay!

Join the Netflix fun Here!


  1. wow... totally cool I must confess but data will only be the problem

    1. You're so right Lucy! Data is the ish! lol..

      Thanks for stopping by x


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