Friday, 15 January 2016

Details of the Wizkid Dammy Krane fight at Quilox club last nite!

Things can just really get heated oh so fast! These two seem to have had some beef and Dammy Krane called Wizkid out on twitter for stealing his songs and slangs we all know what these slangs do for a good songon Naija streets they are on people's lips for a long time hence making the song more popular

I guess Wizkid ignoring Dammy krane's rants must have made the air more hostile as the two met at popular Lagos Nite club Quilox where a fight broke out and Wizkid hit Dammy Krane with a bottle or a cup or so resulting in a bloody day for the Favour of GOD singer

Dammy Krane's bloody face and stained cloth..

According to eye witness reports on twitter Wizkid threw his cup at Dammy Krane because he was giving him attitude,Dammy's face got bloody but was restrained by people to avoid the fight resulting into a bigger fracas 

They both then reportedly made up after interventions by club owner Shina Peller and of course Obafemi Martins whom they said they were there for..

 Nothing's been said by both Artiste's management but am sure Dammy Krane would have gotten a telling from his boss Tuface I mean cant you emulate your oga who is so humble youre there fighting in clubs?! 

Tuface has been in the business for over 20 years have you ever heard him fight anywhere? Guess thats why he's still around all these years..Even if Wizkid did steal songs and slangs it is PAINFUL YES! But it simply means you have something and can sure create another song and another slang this time simply keep it under wraps till you unveil so no one steals it again!

We dont want our artistes killing each other tho..Twitter  battle is ok, song battles are okay but y'all dont go taking it to the clubs fighting and hitting each other Aiit!

..Till we hear the next update in their beef  

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