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Why Dasuki not GEJ deserves a Nobel Peace prize - Pius Adesanmi

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This Dasuki drama has gotten me all confused really,with so many unholy figures flying around,accusations and counter accusations,yes I gave you,No! you dint! 

 The whole drama just totally ridicules the integrity of the position Dasuki was holding during the last administration

Pius Adesanmi is a writer and Lecturer  He Thinks that Dasuki even deserves a Nobel peace Prize for his actions  (Insert Sarcasm) and not infact former president Goodluck Jonathan GEJ who was been touted for the prize 

See his piece below..
 Why Dasuki, not GEJ deserves the Nobel Peace Prize  

Those of you blaming Colonel Sambo Dasuki for facilitating prayers with N750 million should remember one thing: he is Nigeria's most effective practitioner of Federal character and non-discrimination in recent memory.

1) The money he stole went around every ethnicity except the Igbo. No thief from any ethnicity was left behind except Igbo land. One may be inclined to blame him here for marginalizing the Igbo but given his painstaking efforts to admit every ethnicity into Ali Baba's cave, I'd appeal strongly to the Igbo to forgive him. It's an honest mistake. President Buhari says that some people have been returning looted funds (name them sir, let them have teir day in court).

More when you continue..
My suggestion is to put Dasuki in charge of these newly-returned funds. He will address his error by making sure that Andy Ubah and Chris Ubah get a piece of the action. Some Yoruba are also grumbling that their own thieves got only roughly N100 million. Don't be greedy at least your own thieves were present in the cave.

2) The Nobel Prize hero under whose irresponsible non-supervision this mindless plundering took place spent more time on church pulpits than at the presidential desk. There was practically no church he did not attend, kneeling at altars from Abakaliki to Zungeru, flying wealthy Pastors on Presidential trips to Israel, making pastors so comfortable their bling bling began to compete with 50 Cents', making pastors so comfortable they started to build private Universities and lend their private jets to the Federal Republic of Nigeria for illegal shipment of funds to South Africa.

3) In view of number 2 above, my assessment of things is that Sambo Dasuki's sensibilities as an inclusive pan-Nigerian visionary was offended by his boss's over facilitation of Christianity with all the yams flying around. He merely sought to balance the equation by also organizing Islamic prayers with N750 million. Put yourself in the shoes of all the Muslim clerics who for five years saw Pastors become honorary citizens of the vaults of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Dasuki sought to restore a little religious balance in the yam business.

If you ask me, I think he deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace more than his boss but the decision on who clinches the Prize ultimately belongs to the supporters and facilitators of this era."

Pius Adesanmi
 Pius Adesanmi  

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