Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Photos;When actresses Ronke Odusanya,Liz Dasilva and Adediwura Adesegha rocked Sutanna's

Instagram media by adediwurablarkgold - Hallelujah to God Almighty @ronkeodusanya @lizdasilvaa ... #blarkgoldsignatures

Sutannas are the white gowns the actresses are wearing often worn to church by Cherubim and Seraphim  and celestial churches.

Have you ever been to any of these churches?! I swear  I Love the way they pray  trust me praying in  Yoruba is totally  DIFFERENT! you don't believe? Okay see..

Prayer 1- father I thank you for your grace
Prayer two- Oluwa mo dupe fun oore ofe re lori mi oluwa gba gbogbo Ogo!

Oya tell me there is no difference that GOD will not say ah Omo mi tooto! lol.. 

I love them for their songs too,songs that have meaning,songs that send you straight to heaven in the spirit, except one of those denominations dont wear shoes I am not sure which one but no shoes?!I sometimes see them walking on the street with no shoes,I guess when you wear the dress you cant wear shoes with them.

Anyways Ronke Odusanya who attends the celestial church of Christ invited her actor friends over for a programme in church and they all honoured her by adorning Sutanna's too..

Instagram media by lizdasilvaa - @ronkeodusanya @adediwurablarkgold

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