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Next Movie star Winner Actress Tamara Eteimo speaks on the need to have sugar daddies!

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Tamara Eteimo won our hearts when she won the acting  reality show Next Movie star in 2011. She has since gone on to star in big budget films like Desperate Housegirls,Finding Mercy amongst others.

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She recently opened up to PUNCH on the misconception that most actresses have to have a Sugar Daddy to afford a good or flamboyant lifestyle that she says isnt necessary as Actresses still work hard in the industry for their money! 

She says.. I would not agree that all Nollywood actresses are promiscuous. People go into different relationships for different reasons. In as much as the industry doesn’t really pay that much, with time, it pays.

At the moment, there are actors that earn between N1m to N1.5 m for a role. Sometimes they call that person for three different jobs. When you get about three jobs like that in one month, why can’t you afford a car or pay your rent? I don’t need a sugar daddy in my life to maintain my car or pay bills.

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I want to be the kind of lady that will say I did this for myself and I don’t want another person to say I did this for her or so. We still have a lot of actresses in Nollywood that work so hard for their money.”

Eteimo, while stressing that she was very selective in taking up some roles, however revealed that she would never act nude regardless of the amount offered.

“I will not take every role because first and foremost I did not just come into the industry to join the bandwagon, I know what I want. I have a goal and I know where I am headed. So I need to build and arrange myself. Everyone has a role model, I watch my role model to know what she did and I use that to build myself. When you have a brand, you don’t just allow the brand to dance around; you package your brand so that it would be respected. That is why I will never act nude no matter the amount I am offered even if it is a billion dollars,” she said.

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