Sunday, 22 November 2015

Former MBGN Omowunmi Akinnifesi stuns in pieces from her clothing line #OMA

Instagram media by omowunmiak - Wearing OMA by Omowunmi @ #lfdw2015 #LFDW day 3 look. Watch out for Day 4 look. #UrbanMovement

Instagram media by omowunmiak - Decided on a diff look today. #continental #LFDW #lfdw2015 OMA by Omowunmi

Instagram media by omowunmiak - #lfdw2015 #LFDW day 4 was in the mood for the Continental look😜. #OMAbyOmowunmi

The beauty queen who won the crown over then years ago! Yep she won Most beautiful girl in Nigeria in  2005! Isnt it amazing?! She's still a stunner any day!

The Beauty Queen has started her own fashion line, not sure if she's launched it for the public  yet but she been rocking pieces from the line and she looks of course Great! 

What else would you except from a person who is beauty personified..

More when you continue..

Instagram media by omowunmiak - #OMAbyOmowunmi

Instagram media by omowunmiak - #covergirl #VanguardAllure #photoshoot #OMA order at

Instagram media by omowunmiak - Morning #cover #shoot #photoshoot mode #VanguardAllure #OMA. Order now email ellepoise

Instagram media by omowunmiak - #OMAbyOmowunmi

She recently joined other MBGN's for  Silverbird the company behind the  Most beautiful girl in Nigeria pageant 's 35th Anniversary. Its not  surprising why they have been here for this long they have sure produced top world class beauty queens including a miss world title won by Agbani Darego more than a decade ago!

Omowumi  Here pictured with Munachi Abii and Agbani Darego

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