Wednesday, 28 October 2015

When Kylie Jenner toned it all the way down and looked like a normal teenager!

Kylie Jenner isnt a normal teenager,how man teenagers her age even live in their own houses and earn so  much! well she's often accused of wanting to grow up too quickly and yes I do agree! I mean how cute does she look in the image above without the layers and layers of make up and she always has on..

Compare that with the snap below she took with Caitlyn whom she still calls Dad even though Caitlyn says in his mind that him ohh he is a woman ohh.. 

Instagram media by kyliejenner - Early birthday lunch with @caitlynjenner Happy birthday dad what an amazing year for you.

Or This one below from a  shoot..

Instagram media by kyliejenner

Kylie sure needs to embrace her less is more look,she looks way better  without all the filter in the first image and yes the face needs to  breathe sometimes too!

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