Friday, 16 October 2015

Linda Ikeji moves into 500Million Banana Island mansion now neighbours with Billionaires Adenuga,Dantata

As usual Laura helps to announce whatever Linda doesn't announce.She recently shared on her elder sister's new property in a very choice area Banana Island in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria.

The Celebrity blogger however faced a backlash on twitter for not getting married and amassing wealth ,and that no man would be bold to approach her for marriage.

 Well I think Linda might get married soon now she's changed environment you ask why? I'ld tell you!


Banana Island has alot of expatriates and and foreign nationalities living there and yes a Nigerian or African man may be intimidated by Linda's success  but a white person  will feel intrigued by her drive and would support her and not be intimidated  so don't be surprised when wedding bells ring!

Besides she's achieving alot and if marriage isnt on the cards just yet am sure she must working towards that hence  in the meantime we should applaud her for rising from the very bottom to where she is today!

 Linda Ikeji also also corrected the misconception about her getting a mortgage Its all me a 100% she says..

And for those of you who always complain about her black gate in her outfit posts I guess y'all should be happy now! Am sure she will have new angles to take photos and maybe a new black gate?! lol..Am sure you guys will still miss the black later lol...

Cmon lets relive the "blackgatebackground"  looks one more time! 

Congratulations Linda!

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