Saturday, 17 October 2015

And Linda Ikeji takes us on a tour inside her multi million Naira Banana Island mansion(Photos)

Lol sebi I told you guys you would miss the black gate at her previous house people are already commenting about missing it on her instagram page. Anyways Linda has another black gate for y'all just another dimension and in another location.

The Celebrity blogger also shared shots from inside her house well maybe for the doubting Thomases!

Linda poses in front of her mansion

Linda Poses by the pool

Linda strikes a pose in her bathroom!

And her soon to be bedroom guess she still has interior work to do..

Linda says..

"You don't have to marry a billionaire to live in a mansion..if you work hard you can buy one yourself. #Believeinyou! #Mynewhome!"

Congratulations once again Linda!
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