Friday, 23 October 2015

Adultery Scandal! Apostle Anselm Madubuko denies Allegations;K Solo's wife also denies involvement

Revival Assembly top pastor  Apostle Anselm  Madubuko is presently embroiled in a sexual scandal involving a popular church member who happens to be top producer Ksolo's Ex wife
 Kikelomo whose divorce from the music producer played out on the pages  of newspapers and all over social media and online platforms.

 The story emerged yesterday that the top pastor allegedly knelt down in front of his congregation this past Sunday to ask for forgiveness for dating Miss kikelomo for close to 3 months.

It has now emerged that the whole situation was misconstrued as the pastor only felt for the for the young lady considering what she has been through when she began to attend the church and  the fact she presented herself as a prayer warrior who had the gift of prophesy.

Kikelomo reportedly began to turn her praying department upside down and was expelled from the Church.  

 Pastor Anselm who remarried after his late wife passed on has however refuted claims of  Adultery and infidelity on his part

 In a statement released  

He said..

''I never apologised for Adultery.Its a wicked demonic world.I dont know where that came from.We had an issue in Church cos i was away,It involved Our intercessory department and I ended up expelling one Pastor who heads the department and also a female member of same department but it had nothing to do with Adultery,Its just crazy and how the person who started it got the story is still a mystery but I leave that person to my God!''

Kikelomo has also spoken up about the Allegations..

 "I really do not know where all these stories are coming from.. People have been calling me asking about this story and why I haven’t been in church for sometime. Yes I was suspended from church! But adultery? It was never about adultery; I was suspended from church but I wasn’t the only one who was suspended. I am in the prayer department of my church and the HOD of that department was also suspended. The church decided to suspend us because of reasons best known to them. The thing is, that department was suspended including my pastor who heads the department”

I have made up my mind never to attend that church again, because the church of God does not belong to any man but God. I believe no Man of God has the right to tell members of the church not to come to church again. I have spoken to Pastor Anselm and in his word, he would sue anyone carrying false story about him confessing to adultery, they must apologize to all parties mentioned…It didn’t happen! Thank you.”

Guess that settles it IT DIDNT HAPPEN!

 Pastor Anselm remains married to his Kenyan songstress wife Emmy Kosgei if Kikelomo's prophesy that the pastor married wrongly will come to pass remains indeed a mystery!

and ohh well Kikelomo continues on her journey of prayer warrior-ism and prophesy as she heads to another church. 

Kikelomo and K Solo when the going was good!
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